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The Industry Standard Transaction Platform

Access every licensed Appraiser in the country, two hundred and fifty plus of the top Wholesalers in the nation (including Flagstar, New Century, ABN AMRO/Interfirst, Green Point, IndyMac, CitiMortgage, B of A, Wells, WaMu, etc.), all major Credit Bureaus, government agencies (i.e. Fannie, Freddie, FHA and VA), thousands of Title companies and agents, most of the major MI companies and a new source of revenue with the Insurance Connection. Plus, providers for Flood, Delegated Underwriting, Fraud, Tax Service, Document Signing and more.

With it's built-in Secure Web Connections, the ePASS® Business Center streamlines the entire loan process helping to dramatically cut the time and effort required to prequalify, originate, process, underwrite and close a loan. With ePASS® you will have immediate electronic access and connectivity* to thousands of companies allowing you to instantly and securely submit loan information directly from your existing LOS to your desired ePASS® partners. ePASS® already interfaces with most major LOS's including: Calyx® Point®, Contour's The Loan Handler™, Ellie Mae's Encompass™ and Genesis 2000.

* While ePASS® provides immediate electronic access to a variety of partners, most partners require that a separate business relationship may be established in order to conduct transactions with them. Look for the "New User" link when you select a partner to get started with or, call your local account rep for the company in question for any specific requirements of their system(s).

To use ePASS® through your LOS you will need to first register (you'll receive an instant response) for a USER ID and PASSWORD.

Click here to sign up for the free ePASS® Business Center for Calyx® Point® Byte TQS™ or other Loan Origination Systems. (this step is not needed for users of Contour™, Encompass™ or Genesis 2000)

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